Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh the stars

So on Saturday I attended Starfest 2010. It is a collection of events and people that probably are lucky to have escaped their parents basements (and I am positive alot have still not made that escape), various degrees of armpit odor, outrageous costumes, and the eternal war of trekkies vs the overwhelming power of the Force. It also had in attendance one Miss Summer Glau, which had fanboys everywhere (to include myself) nervously waiting their place in line to take photos with her. I have met a few stars in my lifetime, Brad Pitt ( who was extremely cool then of course this was pre angelina days), Julia Roberts (ahem stuck up), George Clooney (stuck up) and Marina Sirtis (Chain smoker). All of them you could tell were actors and used to a certain amount of attention. Nothing could ever prepare me for Summer Glau. She was the most insanely down to earth nice actress you could ever meet. Not only that but she genuinely seemed to enjoy being around her fans.
After waiting in line for the better part of two hours, When I walked around the corner to get my picture taken, I was fully not expecting to get a huge smile, and "hey, how you doing nice to meet you. Not only that but she thanked me, yes thanked me for waiting to take a picture with her and apologized for the long wait even though she showed up an hour earlier then posted to get pictures started. Its been my experience from other years of seeing people get their photo taken the actors and actresses would let you stand near them but there was no contact. Not Summer, she just wraps her arm right around you and says "Here get closer" for the photo and smiles at you".
By the time I waited again for my autograph, She did not disappoint in the slightest, striking up conversation and taking photos again with people and their kids despite the starfest's coordinators irritation. I heard one of the staff members grumbling that she should not do that, that she should be charging for the photo, but Summer just looked at the staff member and shooed them away and went right back to taking photos with folks. She complimented me on my tattoo and even took time to give me best wishes on my fight against MS (earlier at the photo shoot one of the people had asked me to remove my cane crutch and glasses for the photo and I explained I was too unsteady and had to wear the sunglasses in order to not retain the image of the camera flash for the next 20 minutes, it wasnt to be cool it because of my MS. ) Summer had remembered me from the photo shoot and even paid attention to something that wasnt even mentioned to her directly but instead to one of the staff. Color me impressed!
In the end it made Starfest one of the best experiences of my life. I got to meet one of my favorite actresses from Firefly and Serenity fame as well as Dollhouse and Terminator:SCC, but I got to see them not as some hollywood idol but instead as just a regular human being. Despite the fact I had to leave earlier then intended due to the immense amount of body heat from everyone there making my MS fatigue flare up, I still consider it a worthwhile experience and will look back fondly on it. I realize Summer Glau will never read this, but for whats it worth I hope she never stops acting and I hope she never loses sight of what makes her so special to her fans.

And in case you didnt know
Spock sucks, may the force be with you!

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