Friday, October 23, 2009

The fine art of holding a conversation when you have CRS

Another problem that sometimes plagues us MSer's is the CRS disease. CRS or (can't remember Sh*t) is a problem for some of us as the centers that deal with short term memory get affected by our disease process. As aggravating as this may be for us, it is even more so for those around us that are holding a conversation with us. How many times have you been deeply involved relaying a story and poof its just gone. Worse yet, the other person looks at you expectingly, thinking perhaps this is a dramatic pause for effect or something. Fear not friends for there is a solution. And best of all, I learned this one from my wife.

If you are male, and married then you have probably created what I call the barrier of importance. Your brain already knows your wife is going to relate information to you that is them, but because our brain is smaller we have a built in safety mechanism to prevent us from storing to much information. Sorry guys, women know this. They have built in detectors that sound off "WARNING! WARNING! he is not paying attention to you" When their internal alarm sounds off what do they do? That is right, they ask a question. They ask this question to see if you were paying attention. The male mind sadly is not swift enough to do things like scan for details so you can parrot information back to them in paraphrase. Nope we are hosed when it comes to this. So ultimately, she knows you were not listening and at some point you will pay for your transgression.

Now learning this little practice from my wife, I have turned it into a health tool for myself to survive with when my CRS flares up. Quite simply when my brain completely forgets what I was just talking about for the last 10 minutes, I stop and then pose a very wife like question "so what do you think about what I just said?" Now if its another dude, he isn't going to remember because unless it had nudity, drinking or sports involved he probably tuned you out, in which case your safe anyway (unless its your boss, treat bosses like your wife and always be on your guard) If its a lady, well she more then likely was paying attention and will only be to happy to cite her various opinions. And by doing so BOO YA instant reminder of what the crud you were talking about. I put this in practice today with a group of folks and it worked perfectly. I haven't tried my wife yet...I think I need to beta test it a few more times before I risk the evil stare of "do you really think I'm that dumb?"

On a side note ladies, I know this will work for you, after all your the one's who gave me the idea in the first place.

Keep your chin up

Keep your chin up!

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